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I am a senior researcher and professor of MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING at the Department of Engineering for Innovation of the University of Salento (Lecce, Italy). I conduct teaching, research, and consulting activities focused on the integration of management disciplines with the system view and technology foundation that are typical of the engineering world. I have a HYBRID management and technological background and I like to see the world from multiple perspectives.

I teach COURSES into undergraduate, Master’s and PhD programs, and corporate/professional training initiatives as well. The MAIN TOPICS are new venture creation and technology entrepreneurship, business process management, organizational performance, and project management. I adopt case study analysis, role-playing sessions and other interactive methods with the aim to maximize participation and learning performance.

As a researcher, I am strongly CURIOSITY-DRIVEN, with a major interest on topics such as the emergence of the exponential organization, the impact of collective intelligence on innovation and decision support making. Integrative models, illustrative case studies, and design frameworks are the main OUTPUT of my research effort. In such endeavors, I conduct collaborative research efforts and project activities with both academic and industrial partners.

In the last fifteen years, I have interacted with many international academic INSTITUTIONS for education and research purposes. In particular, I have been VISITING the Center for Digital Business and the Center for Collective Intelligence of the Sloan School of Management at MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Psychology Department of the PKU - Peking University in Beijing.

I have realized about 60 PUBLICATIONS, including research works in international scientific conferences and journals such as Technology Forecasting and Social Change, Expert Systems with Applications, Business Process Management Journal, Journal of Intellectual Capital, and Business Horizons. I have also published MANUALS on the topics of management engineering and project management.

I collaborate with companies in research, competence building and organizational transformation PROJECTS and I am invited as a SPEAKER in international universities and research conferences on topics such as exponential organization, stakeholder-based management and collective intelligence as a management paradigm to build more performing and sustainable socio-technical systems.

I develop analysis and MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORKS to be used for studies and in-company activities, such as Enterprise Engineering (systemic approach to organizational design and management), Innovation Engineering (to introduce a techno-organizational innovation within a company), and Project Engineering (canvas-based approach to managing complex projects and programs). These methodologies include design, implementation and measurement perspectives and TOOLS.

Management engineering is not my only passion. I love MUSIC and particularly the world of ELECTRIC GUITAR. In my life, I have met many great musicians (such as Steve Vai, Scott Henderson, Greg Howe, Andy Timmons, Stef Burns, Frank Gambale, etc.). I have a beautiful soul-funky band with which I love going around for jams and gigs.